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India vs Pakistan, Manchester Weather Forecast Report 16th June CWC 2019

Get the report of the 22nd match of India vs Pakistan and the rain updates for the ICC 2019 Cricket World Cup. The weather forecast of the 22nd Ind vs. Pakistan match will be played on June 16, 2019. Match conditions of the match 22nd Pakistan vs India is available here on this page.

Weather report of match 22 and of Ind vs Pak and updates of rain

India is ready to play the 22nd game against Pakistan in the ICC 2019 Cricket World Cup. This crucial match of the World Cup between India and Pakistan will be held at Emirates Old Trafford, Manchester, on June 16, 2019. However, the weather forecast tells another story. The weather conditions in Old Trafford, Manchester do not look so good. Light rains are expected in the stadium throughout the day with a rain perception of 45%. The winds blow at a speed of 15%. The humidity rate here is 75%.

However, it is generally a rainy day at Emirates Old Trafford, Manchester, and at this time a full match of 50 overs between Pakistan and India is not possible. It may be that the rain changes its focus to some other place and we will obtain a clear climate for this game. Or, the ICC Departmental Authorities may opt for a limited match (say, 30 supervisions) between these two teams.

Things can go even worse, if the rain does not go away. In that case, the match will be canceled and a point will be awarded to India and Pakistan. It may favor India, but Pakistan is not going to like this, since they are too low in the points table.

We encourage all visitors to pray for Rain to leave. So, we can have a good day with clear weather conditions for the match of the World Cup of India against Pakistan. Without it, CWC 2019 will lose its charm.


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